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Application method of fasteners for aluminum profile fence connectors

publish:2022-05-22 16:33:56   views :234
publish:2022-05-22 16:33:56  

Can you tell the difference between aluminum profile connectors and aluminum profile fasteners? In fact, both belong to aluminum profile fence connectors.

Aluminum profile connecting fasteners belong to a large range, including aluminum profile connecting parts. Aluminum profile fence connecting parts belong to one of them. They have the same type, different appearance, but the same purpose.

Aluminum profile connecting fasteners are used to prevent the connected profiles from loosening easily. Aluminum profile fence connectors belong to a small range and need to be used together with fasteners, such as corner groove connectors, which need to be locked with fastening screws. Of course, not all connectors need the help of fasteners. There are also connectors that can be used independently, such as special half round head bolts, anchor connecting pins, bevel connectors, etc.

The two types of connectors belong to aluminum profile accessories, and there are many specifications of aluminum profiles used on the fence. The aluminum profile fence connectors also need to be diverse, and there are also many specifications. You can leave a message if you don't understand this!

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