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How to correctly install the drilling screws

publish:2022-07-13 14:42:40   views :243
publish:2022-07-13 14:42:40  

1. Stainless steel drill tail screws require a special electric drill (recommended power 600W).

2. Adjust the positioner of the electric drill to a proper position to ensure that the screw runs down to the correct position. Check the speed of electric drill: use 3.5 (6#); 3.9(7#); 4.2(8#); 4.8 (10 #) to ensure that the speed of the electric drill is 1800-2500 rpm; Use 5.5 (12#); 6.3 (14 °); Ensure that the speed of the electric drill is 1000-1800 rpm;

Use 3.5 (6#); 3.9(7#); 4.2(8#); 4.8 (10 #) 304 screws, ensure that the speed of the electric drill is 1500-2000 rpm; Use 5.5 (12#); For 410 screws of 6.3 (14 #), ensure that the speed of the electric drill is 1000-1500 rpm.

3. Select a suitable sleeve or crosshead and install it on the electric drill; Then connect the screws.

4. During installation, the screw and electric drill must be perpendicular to the surface of the profiled steel plate; And click the power switch; Create a center point with force.

5. Apply a force of about 13 kg to the electric drill by hand; Ensure that the force is on the same vertical line as the center point.

6. Turn on the power switch; Cannot stop halfway; Stop tripping in quickly after the screw is in place (to prevent improper tripping and excessive tripping).

The above introduces the correct installation method of drill tail screws. Have you learned it? Small tail drilling screws are of great use. Without them, the production of the whole project may be affected. As the new year is approaching, enterprises need to stock up in advance. Don't miss the best stock up period, which will affect the production process after the year.

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