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Do you know the surface treatment of screws

publish:2022-10-15 17:27:25   views :231
publish:2022-10-15 17:27:25  

As one of the important fasteners, screws generally use different surface treatment processes to meet customer requirements.

1.Zinc plating.

Galvanizing can be divided into cold galvanizing, mechanical galvanizing and hot-dip galvanizing, of which hot-dip galvanizing is the most popular.

Advantages: strong corrosion resistance; better adhesion and hardness of the galvanized layer; large amount of zinc, and the thickness of the zinc layer is dozens of times that of cold galvanized; cheaper and more environmentally friendly.

2.Dacromet is a new type of anti-corrosion coating, which is the best process to replace traditional electro-galvanizing and hot-dip galvanizing.

Advantages: Superior corrosion resistance: The anti-rust effect is 7-10 times that of traditional galvanizing; high heat resistance, the heat resistance temperature can reach more than 300 ℃; good adhesion and recoating performance; no waste water is generated during production and exhaust gas.

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