Who are we?
Handan Xiaojun Fastener Manufacturing Co,Ltd. it’s located in China's largest fastener productionbase in Yongnian, Hebei province. Xiaojun is a large private enterprise with high standards of fastenerproduction and scientific research, whose industrial products are sold all over the world.The companyadheres to the business tenet of quality excellence, strict management and put repu-tation first. Wehave been selecting superior steel raw materials and employing senior technical staffs.As the industrydevelops,upgrades and trans-forms, the high-strength threaded bars brought us new opportunitiessince 2009. Under this background we decide to produce self drilling screws.

The main products are: Carbon Steel and Stainless Steel Self-Drilling Screws and Self-Tapping Screws,Xiaojun has thousand sets of cold-forming machines, tapping, drilling, punching machines and otherCNC equipment.

Xiaojun focus on manufacturing high quality products and providing professional sales service, we arealso willing to cooperate with clients world wide sincerely.
Your time. Our value
We hope to make our customers' work easier by providing products with professional knowledge, innovation and guaranteed quality. This means that we can help you shorten installation time, provide solutions quickly, and provide continuous support and advice when needed.
Proprietary technology
We have more than 10 years of experience in designing, manufacturing and distributing products. Listen to the opinions of each of our customers, have a deep understanding of the languages in the industrial and architectural fields, so as to understand each of their needs and provide the best solutions.
Around the world, as well as in our two areas of work (industry and construction), all customers have the same needs: easy to use and install, high-quality products that help optimize their work.
Continuous improvement
Around the world, as well as in our two areas of work (industry and construction), all customers have the same needs: easy to use and install, high-quality products that help optimize their work.
Where are we?
No.16,Building 3,Yunnan Construction Machinery Assembly and Distribution Base,,Chenggong District,Kunming City,Yunnan Province
Kunming warehouse
Building 25,Kunhuang Jiayuan Industrial Park,Shuangfu Road,Jiangjin District,Chongqing
Yongnian Duanzhuang Industrial Park,Handan City,Hebei Province
Chongqing warehouse
Handan warehouse
>We have manufacturing plants and warehouses in Chengdu, Guangdong, Kunming, Chongqing and Handan, which means that we can keep close contact with our partners and Provide fast and effective solutions to changing needs.
>This is why we have become a major supplier to the world's leading companies in bridge construction, plant construction and foundation engineering.
>However, we know that providing support is more than that. Therefore, we also provide close personal assistance to customers, solve their doubts and become a trusted partner.
12-E1,Bochuan Iogistics park,No.2288 Tongxin Avenue,Qingbaijiang District,Chengdu
Chengdu warehouse
Hengjiang Metal Marketing,Danzao Town,Nanhai,Foshan,Guangdong
Guangdong warehouse
Our story
With the development of the industry, industrial upgrading and transformation. In 2009, the R & D and use of high-strength finish rolled deformed bars brought new development opportunities to our company. On the basis of this development, there are R & D and sales of the development and production of self drilling screw products. The main products are:self drilling screws,self tapping screws,chipboard screws,drywall screws and other self drilling series products.
Development and use of high-strength steel bars
The productivity of high-strength steel bars has been expanded, and the cutting workshop and storage have been increased
The company added new products to the steel bar anchor plate assembly construction industry
The company has set up direct warehouses in many places in China to provide more convenient and faster procurement solutions for domestic customers
The new self drilling screw factory has raised more possibilities for the diversified development of enterprises
Our philosophy
The company adheres to the rigorous, efficient and innovative enterprise concept, and is willing to sincerely cooperate with new and old customers at home and abroad to provide customers with a one-stop service concept. We also actively accompany customers to complete their projects, help them find the best assembly plan, respond to their needs and become a real partner. Similarly, we pay attention to the quality of products and realize continuous improvement based on innovative technology and technology, because we know that a small fastener can have a huge impact.
Our philosophy
Be honest, work hard, work hard, be brave in innovation, team first, safe production
We make a difference
Our team
Dream gathers team, team casts dream, passion and happiness.

Team leadership is to gather a group of ordinary people and create extraordinary results. Rivers and seas can shake the sky, and unity is stronger than gold. The enterprise and the market are synchronized, and the management is in line with the world. Our needs change and our efforts remain unchanged. Create with you and enjoy the world.
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