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The development history of Xiaojun
With the development of the industry, industrial upgrading and transformation. In 2009, the R & D and use of high-strength finish rolled deformed bars brought new development opportunities to our company. On the basis of this development, there are R & D and sales of the development and production of drill tail wire products. The main products are: hexagonal drill tail wire, Hua Si drill tail wire, countersunk drill tail wire, pan head drill tail wire, nylon head drill tail wire, dry wall nails, pull rivets and other drill tail series products.
In 2009, the R & D and use of high-strength steel bars expanded the productivity of high-strength steel bars in 2011, increased cutting workshops and storage. In 2018, the company added new products, steel bar anchor plate assembly and construction industry. In 2019, the company set up direct warehouses in many places in China to provide more convenient and faster procurement solutions for domestic customers. In 2020, the new drill tail wire factory increased the possibility of diversified development of enterprises
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